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Whether you want to bring new love into your life or you want to enhance the love you already have, this True Love Magic Ring can help.  Sometimes love just needs a little push in order to get off the ground or to get started in a new direction, andContinue Reading

Protection Magic Ring | Magic Rings | Psychic Healer Kenneth

Some people are more sensitive than others in their lives.  Whether others are trying to hurt them or they feel that others are trying to hurt them, a Protection Magic Ring can help to cushion their sensitive selves from the world and from those who are trying to harm them.Continue Reading

Luck Magic Ring | Psychic Healer Kenneth | Magic Rings

If you’ve been feeling like luck just isn’t on your side, a Luck Magic Ring can help by replenishing the level of luck in your life. With this Magic Ring, you will be able to change your luck, helping you attract potent positive energies that will assist you in gettingContinue Reading

Pet Protection Magic Ring | Psychic Healer Kenneth

Pet Protection Magic Ring Or Collar. Many people wait to seek out spells for pets and animals until their pets are ill or they seem to be in harm’s way.  And while this Magic Ring can certainly work in these times, you don’t have to wait for things to goContinue Reading