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Purification Spell

Daily struggles and routines can leave you feeling lethargic and unmotivated. Worry and stress build up over time, creating the feeling of trudging through life with a heavy soul. The Purification Spell is designed to lift the weight off your spirit and leave you feeling free and light. Relieve your conscience of its burden and cleanse your energies by allowing the positive forces of this white magic spell to reawaken your senses to the beauty of life. It is designed as a spiritual cleaning to renew your spirit and enliven your senses.

The magical forces of my spell wash your spirit of all the negative energy that accumulates over time. Rid yourself of worry, guilt, resentment, and fear by using its energies to wash your soul. By allowing these positive forces into your life you will feel a renewed sense of wonder and once again see the world for all its glory. Every day will feel fresh and vibrant, allowing you to focus on the passionate existence for which you were born. Feel the power of the Purification Spell and give your spirit a new life.

If you are concerned about accumulated negativity, weighted guilt, or imbalances in your energy, consider combining it with other Cleansing Spells. By combining these spells you cleanse your spirit and life of blockages, restore a balance of energy and invite positive forces to lighten your spirit. The cleansing rituals will remove blockages that clog your spirit and soul with negative energy, leaving it free and open for the spiritual purification. Together they will transform your life and restore happiness and clarity.

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